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Two Artists One Cast is a podcast where Leon Ingram, a traditionally trained graphic artist, and Ry Pepper, a self-taught mess maker, bring their two unique points of view for a weekly off-the-cuff discussion about anything... and how anything can be art.


Meet the Hosts 

Ry Pepper 

Ry is an autodidact who owes half her expertise to how-to videos on the internet. Her professional background lies primarily in backstage theatre (on and off Broadway) where she's created beds for puppets to fuck in, lit screaming women on fire, and built a shelf or two. These and her love for all things macabre have led to an interesting take on her dark but funny art.

From a photo essay with the faces erased to embroidered and sculpted portraits of conjoined twins, Ry's art always takes a left turn, whether in subject matter or construction. It would be difficult to capture her endless ideas with a single medium, so she works with whatever material strikes her fancy.

Ry lives in New York City with her verified-on-Twitter husband, her 14-year-old stepson who makes all the rules, and her 4 tiny pet shrimp. 



Leon Ingram 

Leon doesn’t know what an autodidact is, and owes his design career to the 2008 economic crisis. His professional world revolves around making art for a multi billion dollar entertainment company in Hollywood, and making an artist’s salary. Growing up in the outskirts of Los Angeles spraying stencils and listening to Metallica on a walkman, molded his design techniques into what they are, or aren’t, today. A sharp sense of nihilism, and craving for Arby’s keeps his chin up in our current political climate, where nothing matters, and everything is on fire.

Leon still lives in LA, with his wife Kat, and their 3 cats, which gets confusing to discuss in a conversation.



**Our theme music was written and produced by Leon.