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Jul 16, 2019

We're back and we're OVER it. This week our patience is starting to wear thin with the repetition in the Jerry Saltz article we've been picking to pieces, but in the end, we do exactly what lesson 10 suggests and find our own voices. 

You'll also learn all about Leon's lumberjack wrestling tag team and that Ry takes sips of Jäger when the sports ball doesn't go her way.

This week's exercise: Draw yourself as a 1980s wrestler (or draw the two artists podcast as a tag team) and share it with us by NEXT tuesday on Twitter or Instagram @2artists1cast

Mentioned in today's cast: 

*The first 20 seconds of this episode is the theme song from the hit show "The Critic" written by Hanz Zimmer and voiced by John Lovitz. Please don't sue us, we think you're hilarious.